About Short Fantasy

Short Fantasy is a site dedicated to fantasy stories (big shocker). I started out writing Skyrim fiction, which is why you’ll see quite a bit of Tamriel floating around the site. My goal is to write and share stories, scenes, and ebooks that can be read quickly, and enjoyed immensely.

The Narova Ebooks

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the Narova Stories here. These are some of the first stories that I wrote, published in a new format. Narova has been my favorite character to write (and for many people, their favorite to read) so I wanted provide a way for others to read through her story in an easy way, and share it with others. They’re totally free, and they always will be.

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What’s the deal with Fargoth?

And as for the name Fargoth, well, if you never came off a boat in Seyda Neen and totally screwed a guy over by taking all of his money out of a tree stump…well…then you wouldn’t know where it comes from.