The Jarl and the Vampire


WARNING: This post contains graphic sexual content.

Elisif the Fair leaned back in her chair and sighed. Another day at court was done.

Another day of being interrupted by Falk Firebeard. Another day of being politely ordered around by General Tullius.

And another day alone.

Torygg was dead and gone. Scattered to dust by Ulfric’s wicked voice. And with him, all the warmth and comfort of Solitude had been scattered, too.

Finally, the city’s name made sense to her.

The nobles filed out of the Blue Palace’s throne room—back to their homes and their families.

Elisif had nobody to go back to. She removed the crown from her head and pressed a thumb and forefinger into the bridge of her nose.

“Are you troubled, Your Grace?” Sybille Stendor asked. Her haunting eyes looked at her with concern. A strange thing to behold—compassion from a vampire.

Elisif had long known of Sybille’s…condition. And while she’d spent the entirety of her marriage to Torygg terrified of being in a room alone with her, things had changed since he died. The Breton vampire seemed to be the only one in the castle who could still spare a moment’s thought for her well-being.

“Just a headache is all. The crown is…” she fiddled with the circular ring of steel in her hand, struggling for the right word. “Quite heavy,” she finished.

“So I’ve heard.” Sybille smiled warmly at Elisif. Her face was smooth and pale. Not a single sign of aging. Not one imperfection.

In a word: beautiful.

“I could bring you a tincture, perhaps?” she continued. “If you’d like to return to your chambers, I’ll brew it for you right away. A headache is easy to fix.”

“I’d like that.”

Elisif took the long, stony stairs back to her quarters. Two Solitude Guards just behind her. She left them at the door.

Inside, she changed into a thin, silk nightgown and sat down to brushing her hair. The crown kept creating a knot in the back that she had to tug out each night. It was getting tiresome, along with everything else that went along with ruling Solitude.

Or, pretending to rule, at least. Even a puppet gets tired of the tugging of its strings.

There was a soft knock.

“Enter,” Elisif called.

The door opened and Sybille came inside. Her hood off for once, revealing her long black hair. Dark as a raven’s wing, and just as shiny. She had a glass bottle in her left hand.

“The tincture,” she said, and then crossed the room—her cloth shoes whisking quietly along the stone floor. “It will help with your headache, and with sleep.”

Elisif nodded once and took the bottle. Sybille looked at her for a moment—searching for something in her eyes—and then turned to leave.

“Will it help with my loneliness?” Elisif asked without thinking.

“Your Grace?”

Why stop?

“Or with my sadness? My misery? Can your tincture take those away, too?” Elisif choked out the words. “Because all in all, a little headache is really the least of my problems these days.”

She collapsed onto her bed, covered her face with her hands, and started to sob. Tears ran down her cheeks and her shoulders shook gently.

Sybille sat down next to her. Elisif felt her weight on the bed.

“No, Your Grace. No tincture for that. But, if I may?”

She wrapped one arm around Elisif’s neck. Her fingers rubbing gently at her stiff muscles. Then running up into her hair. Massaging her scalp and temples.

“Mmm,” Elisif said. “That’s nice.”

Sybille’s other hand moved to her thigh. Just an inch or two above her knee. And slowly, ever so slowly, it began to rise.

Elisif felt the tingle of a small spell weaving itself into her skin. Felt the warmth spreading higher and the wetness starting between her thighs. Or maybe it wasn’t a spell at all. Just nature.

“If I have your permission, Your Grace?”

Elisif turned to her court wizard—a Breton, a vampire, and her only friend. She put a hand on her perfect face and ran her fingers through her dark, silky hair.

All she could do was nod.

Sybille leaned forward and kissed her cheek. First on one side, then the other. Kissing away her tears.

Then she kissed her lips. Elisif was startled at first—her lips were soft and strange. But as Sybille’s tongue slipped into her mouth and her hand rose high between her legs—one finger starting to rub in a slow circle against the silk—she relaxed.

Sybille kissed her deeper. Harder.

As they kissed, Sybille’s hands found the simple straps to Elisif’s dress and pulled them down. Then she was massaging her breasts and tugging lightly at her nipples. Just enough to send shimmers of pleasure through her body.

Elisif moaned and sighed, then started groping at Sybille’s body. Fumbling with the folds of her robes until she found her warm skin underneath.

“I thought vampires were supposed to be cold,” Elisif whispered as her hand moved down Sybille’s stomach. Lower and lower.

“A vampire is cold,” she whispered. “But magic is very, very warm.”

Elisif’s fingers reached silky hairs and then went lower. Her sex was wet and hot. Burning, even. Elisif rubbed around her clit once and then put a finger inside. She felt the waves of pleasure radiating out of Sybille and rolling up arm.

“Gods…that’s incredible. That’s…impossible”

“Nothing is impossible,” Sybille purred in her ear. Then kissed her neck. “And this is just the beginning.”

The wizard smiled and then moved backwards on the bed. Elisif’s hand came out of her, and without even thinking she licked the finger that had been inside of Sybille just moments before. Immediately, she felt both of her nipples harden and the dampness between her legs start to drip down one thigh.

“Like the way that tastes?” Sybille said as she shucked off the rest of her robes. Her breasts were small and perky, a sheen of sweat at the nape of her neck reflecting candlelight.

Elisif only nodded and sucked the last sweet drops of Sybille’s sex off her finger. Then she pulled her own silk gown and let it drop on the floor.

Sybille sat up on her knees, massaging one of her own breasts and touching herself with the other. “More?” she asked.

Elisif nodded again.

Slowly, so very slowly, Sybille leaned back on the bed. The curves of her body seemed to glow in the candlelight like the moons in the sky. She rested her head against the foot of the bed, and then spread her legs apart. Elisif bit her lip at the view—her hair matted with wetness and the lips of her pussy open. Her clit swollen with lust.

“Take all you want,” Sybille whispered.

Elisif didn’t need coaxing. She practically dove forward, burying her face between Sybille’s legs. There were no words for the way the wizard tasted—like some forbidden fruit drenched in a strange honey. A foreign flavor from a half-real world.

Elisif ran her tongue over Sybille’s clit and then pushed it inside, as far as she could reach. She ran her hands over the Breton’s breasts and shuddered as Sybille sucked on one of her fingers greedily. Pleasure pulsed through every part of her body that was touching Sybille.

She was consumed.

Elisif pushed two fingers inside of Sybille and started sucking greedily at her clit. Loving how big it had become. Sybille purred and thrashed and begged her for more. Soon, Elisif felt the her starting to tighten and shudder around her fingers.

Sybille let out a low, wild moan as she came in Elisif’s mouth—filling her with the tastes of magical pleasure.

Light-headed and dazed, Elisif rose up and crawled backwards. Before she could regain her bearings, Sybille had pressed her on her back and started kissing her mouth. Licking at the taste of her own orgasm.

“Your turn,” she whispered when she’d lapped up every last remnant.

Then she kissed her way down between Elisif’s legs, and started to lick her. Her tongue was soft and warm—moving over her clit and then inside of her. Elisif arched her back and sighed. Squeezed the sheets with both hands.

She looked down at Sybille, getting even more excited by the sight of her face between her thighs. She wrapped a few fingers through her hair. Sybille ran her tongue languidly from the bottom of Elisif’s sex all the way up to her clit, and then pulled her head back.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop now!”

Sybille smiled. “I can do other things…magical things. If you want. It may be strange at first, though. I want you to be ready.”

“I’m ready,” Elisif gasped, her voice nothing more than a whisper. “So ready.”

Sybille nodded and lowered her mouth again. Stopped just short of Elisif’s body.

She blew lightly—and Elisif felt a tingling sensation start to spread inside of her.

Then vibrations.

Tiny vibrations then pulsed and moved around. Before Elisif could even take a breath of pleasure Sybille had put her mouth on her again. Except this time her tongue seemed to grow and expand inside of her—filling every part of her perfectly.

Elisif’s entire body started to burn with pleasure. Her muscles tensed and her toes curled. She dug both hands into Sybille’s hair as she came. The orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave—obliterating everything in its path. Anything that wasn’t pure ecstasy was washed away by the swell.

Elisif moaned and sighed and cried out for more. Cried out for Sybille to never stop.

But after what could have been an hour or a lifetime, the vibrations slowed, and Sybille’s tongue pulled away from inside of her. The wizard gave her clit one final kiss—one last shudder of pleasure—and then stopped. Crawled beside her in the bed.

“That was…” Elisif gasped. “…there are no words for that.”

“Magic is the word,” Sybille whispered softly. Elisif could smell her own pleasure on her breath. She liked it. “And you can have as much of it as you want. You are my Queen, Elisif. And I will do anything for you.”

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